Sunday, 12 February 2017

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The latest scuttlebug suggests that as tribute, a belated congratulatory gift—that I’m sure exceeds the threshold for value on what gifts can be accepted from foreign powers according to US ethics code but no one cares about that—the Russian government may turn over Edward Snowden, the fugitive from justice whom they’ve been harbouring since 2013, to American authorities.
I doubt that Snowden will receive the prodigal hero’s parade he deserves, and all of this to me doesn’t make much since first of all the debt of gratitude is owed to Russia for installing the present regime (read more about the Manchurian Candidate theory here) and not the other way around; Snowden, I don’t think, is not some figurative or literal Trojan Horse—and suspect the headlines, probably pulled from the master propaganda playbook, to be a distraction, a-pace with everything that’s come out of the regime so far, to placate the masses and cast aspersions on detractors and prevent news of real consequence from welling to the surface. What do you think? For their parts, Snowden and the Russian government say there’s no truth to this matter.