Monday, 30 January 2017

swamping the drain or pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

While the world was distracted with the directive to enforce a ban on Muslim travel and immigration, Dear Leader restructured the subcommittee of the National Security Council that enjoys a standing invitation for the daily briefs, to include his chief strategist and minister of disinformation and disinvite the Joint Chiefs of Staff and national intelligence director—meaning they’ll come when summoned.
Past presidents have excluded their private counsels on the basis of not wanting to taint decisions that involve putting the lives of soldiers and civilians at risk with political or business motives. Even that lovable old war-criminal Bush II had the restraint not to let Karl Rove sit at the adults’ table. What this departure foreshadows is disturbing to contemplate, as if this break with tradition is a stress-test to see the tolerance people and officials have for autonomous action without respect for the system of checks and balances or the other branches of the US government. Coups d’ร‰tat tend to invite counter-insurgencies.