Sunday, 3 July 2016

5x5: link roundup

the hand-held’s tale: fascinating essay from ร†on magazine would we went from a world where the powerful and elite only deigned to hold and handle symbols of power (ceremonial orbs and scepters) to a world where the slave and tycoon wield the same gadget

it’s sew easy: DIY Space Invaders kimono

avenida diagonal: Parisian graffiti artist’s huge mural on an apartment block in Portugal looks like a portal to another dimension and reminds us of disruptive camouflage

mirabilia: gallery of images from a thirteenth century Arabic treatise called “Marvels of Thing Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing”—mirabilia being the genre of study that aims to help explain some of the world’s geographical and cosmological puzzles

obvious plant: in efforts to make museum visitors slow their frantic pace and take time to really appreciate the art, British galleries are turning the experience into a scavenger hunt of sorts to find the fakes hidden among the masterpieces