Monday, 1 February 2016

walled-garden or class-war/cola-war

Just in case you missed this latest incarnation of patron-generated guerilla-marketing, one soft-drink empire is inviting consumers to craft sleek little animations of whatever “tasting the seeing” means to them—launched off the equally dubious platform of enjoying this beverage of choice from a personalised aluminium can that bears one’s name.
I would not want to dally long in this corporate, branded wall-garden but I suppose that I am missing the point then. People certainly were quick to RSVP to this call for mockery but regrets-only were limited, it seems as the company presciently censored most words and phrases that might prove disparaging. The crack investigative team at The Atlantic that tried to finagle their way through this Orwellian call for submissions attempted to create an advertisement that invoked the “late stage capitalism” meme, which is s fitting one and a prediction of Marxist thinking, holding that despite capitalism’s opportunistic nature, there comes a point of market super-saturation and a point beyond which the system cannot continue, without new buyers—most likely aliens, since we’ve already tried selling contact-anxiety and convincing everyone to be entrepreneurs in the worst, cloying ways. Other taboo subjects included politics, religion, health and medicine. It is not only the cola-warriors who’ve assayed this life-style form of suggest, however, what with a large chain of coffee houses eager to have imagined loyal loiterers share their life experiences or a fast food franchise that floated the idea of accepting paying-it-forward in lieu of actual cash-money. It seems that most venues are like this. What do you think? Would you like to play in this sort of world?