Monday, 1 February 2016

lord of the flies or standing-water

With the emergence of the Zika virus (never mind humanity’s peerless co-existence with malaria that has been symbiotic forever and other dread maladies that joined the party as we grew more bold in bending Nature to our will), some pundits are calling for the eradication of all mosquitos.
Perhaps such a feat is possible, as man has proven his destructive capacity time and time again and perhaps here is the chance to use those vicious powers to a more virtuous end—but I am not buying that we are that good at targeted-killing. Mosquitos are not the low-hanging fruit that dodos and unicorns are, and surely there will be unforeseen consequences for the ecosystem that we could not appreciate until it’s too late and perhaps make matters far, far worse. I don’t want to see anyone else suffer and we should not shy away from the effort—but the whole interest, regardless of the feasibility, smacks of a campaign-promise or unthinking slogan, like the war on drugs. One should not toy with the health and safety of others—especially the most vulnerable among us and it should make one angry that the feigned concern is more for the sponsorship dollars tied to the two big sporting events that will happen in Brazil this summer, but perhaps, quixotically, like another presidential candidate’s confirmation that he would indeed travel back in time to kill Baby Hitler and advert the Holocaust and WWII, it won’t carry much credence and perhaps even backfire before we’re dumb enough to try. What do you think?