Monday, 11 May 2015

der natur auf der spur oder welcome to the monkey-house

Over the weekend, H and I had the chance to take a safari through the storied and thoroughly progressive zoological gardens of Leipzig, about time too as we have been coming to the city regularly for year now.
Founded for the indemnifying of the public in 1878, the menagerie has expanded immensely in the last couple of decades as has the zoo’s mission for conservation and education.

Within the vastness of the traditional range (though there is nothing mundane about the innovative enclosures) that recreates the habitat of the happy captives as best as possible, there is an indoors core called Gondwanaland that captured the primordial supercontinent in a hot-house environment host to an amazing botanical, hanging garden home to free-range monkeys and birds and dozens of aquaria, madials and terrariums that represent the sort of evolutionary survivors, malingerers that might have populated the pre-tectonic world.
There was also expertly and exotically landscaped lagoons of flamingos, an expansive serengeti, a temple for elephants and many other installations (including ones featuring biomes closer to home) with amenities and little intrusion from those who come to gawk.
The zoo was no amusement park ride, nor side-show attraction but rather a powerful, interactive lesson in diversity and amazing adaptability of life that really confronts one with the vulnerability of our quirkiest, most-specialised cousins.
One of the most popular daily soap operas in Germany profiles resident animals and their caretakers and is broadcast from here every afternoon.  The whole day was hardly long enough for a proper visit and hope to come back soon to learn more.