Tuesday, 23 July 2013

mediatisation or heavy is the head that wears the crown

While I am not but delighted for Britain's young princely couple over the birth of an eventual successor to the throne and out-pourings of well-wishes in general, the media frenzy and the general fawning and envy of the people of Germany (not to mention the royal-watchers who hang on every detail of the monarchs of the Nordic lands), I think it is high-time that Germany reinstated a monarchy to satisfy public-demand.
I do not believe that Germans are not engaged in politics, but their own royal family to look after might galvanize participation from more and welcome demographics, and a heredity figure-head, with all its rite and ritual—a source of fascination in itself, could take on the largely ceremonial role of the president of Germany. An heir-apparent could be prepared and preened for the job probably better than any accidental politician (appointed by a secret conclave), and surely the advent would be a boon for tourism, though plenty of intact, lived-in castles are to be found under various ownership. I'd nominate the Thurn-und-Taxis family or the House Hohenzollern but there are numerous other pretenders, each with their own cult-following and traditions vouchsafed. Perhaps there are enough grace-and-favour appointments available locally, something harmless and sine cure to satisfy ambitions and make public-servants vie for the honour.