Wednesday, 30 December 2020


For those of you who’d like to pre-emptively escape to another time and place, just so you know you can reuse your wall calendars from 2010 for 2021 and all the days and dates will align, justifying holding onto this VeggieTales biblical, quotable version. Asparagus Junior and Scooter the Carrot—as with most other results that a quick search yielded—were well outside of my shibboleth.

Even if you’re not a hopeless pack-rat, it’s still amusing to google for cultural touchstones more than a decade on.  It was quite the cavalcade revisiting Dexter,  Disney’s Cars,  365 Kittens in a Year, High School Musical, Glee, Maxine and Robert Pattinson.  Let us know if you can find an actual wall calendar from that year you received as a gift.  Going forward, I wonder what artefacts we’ll be reflecting on, in pin-up form, from 2021.