Monday, 1 June 2020

ubu roi

Dangerous Minds’ rediscovery of the oedipal trilogy of Ubu the King (1896)—the titular first play, Ubu the Cuckold and Ubu in Chains—by French surrealist playwright Alfred Jarry (*1873 – †1907) and reinterpreting this allegory for contemporary times—including the impeached, cowering, nincompoop pretender Trump whose personality and temperament fit the tragic bathos of the befouling, infantilely-engaged, self-serving protagonist as if the part were written for him also gives us the chance to revisit the work’s philosophical underpinnings in 'pataphysics. Learn more from Dangerous Minds at the link up top and see a 1966 television production of the play, as performed by marionettes after Jarre’s singular showing.