Monday, 22 June 2020


Though there are numerous studies showing that our canine friends and others endowed with a super sense of smell can in fact be trained to sniff out diseases prior to the emergence of other signs or symptoms, we don’t know what to yet make of the extraordinary claim from the businesswoman and former First Lady (forsetafrúin) of Iceland, Dorrit Moussaieff (married to past president, the long-serving Ólafur Ragnar Grímmson), that her dog can detect COVID-19 and hopes to repatriate her pet to help at home. Ms Moussaieff was herself incapacitated with what turned out to be a fortunately mild case of the viral infection earlier in the year and believes that this ordeal helped hone Samson’s skills. Samson (not pictured but surely all good dogs) incidentally is not a stranger to the press, himself being a clone of Moussaieff’s beloved pet Sámur.