Monday, 10 February 2020

disaster gurl or this is not a drill

Courtesy of friend of the blog, the Everlasting Blรถrt’s daily Trump digest we are treated to his Orange Menace placed in squarely in context—with the stain of impeachment just as indelible as leftover spaghetti warmed-over despite whatever theatrical victory-laps he feels he might be entitled to.
Dialling up the contrast or not, the photographer behind this image, while not an official member of the press corps or part of the crew that documents White House—is at least credentialed to be on the periphery of his subject’s comings and goings. The meme that Trump is superimposed on itself seemed rather sinister without insight into its framing: back in 2004, a local fire department was conducting some live-training and a father and daughter went to see the action, the photographer capturing her image as she realised her picture was being taken. The photograph and derivative images went viral beginning in October 2008 when it was first propagated by BuzzFeed. Disaster Girl, Zoe Roth whom her father still showcases, accepts the attention and fame but is not happy when the remixes go too dark but we think she’d approve of her meme limning this dumpster fire.