Friday, 18 October 2019


The Holy See, as Dezeen informs, is distributing a smart psalter as a wearable accessory that tracks the user’s worship and allow one to monitor the progress of each prayer—the act of reciting it, we presume rather than the missive’s to God’s ears, and synchronises with other mobile gadgets to post one’s devotion to social media.

The haptic interface is activated by making the sign of the cross or genuflexing and the price of the string of beads is the suggested donation of ninety-nine euro. What do you think about this? Uggh—I always felt that the nicest thing about praying was that one’s intercession wasn’t for public inspection, though the Pope has a very healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards technology and the internet so what do I know?  As a bonus feature, the eRosary which charges contactlessly and comes neatly packaged in a Bible, also tracks the wearer’s physical activity and counts one’s steps.