Tuesday, 27 November 2018

the art of the title

Coudal Partners’ Fresh Signals directs us to a retrospective appreciation of the recently departed self-taught graphic designer and erstwhile collaborator of Stan Lee, Pablo Ferro (*1935 - †2018).
The brilliantly produced three part multimedia masterclass and interview (part two, part three) on Ferro’s career, influences and contributions reminds that his work goes beyond credit sequences and his visual montages and direction imparts a distinctive for the film, television and advertising campaigns he was part of—creating in a sense a mascot, like he did for NBC in 1957, for each project. His filmography includes the custom typeface for the title sequence of Stanley Kubrick’s Doctor Strangelove, the pioneering use of split-screens in The Thomas Crown Affair and visual consulting for over a hundred more including Woman of Straw, Bullitt, Philadelphia, Beetlejuice, Jesus Christ Superstar and A Clockwork Orange—curated clips from his expansive portfolio to be found at the links up top.