Thursday, 1 November 2018


Thanks to some detective work, art historians and geomancers were able to reverse engineer the date, time and location of this black and white photograph captured by Ansel Adams of the Moon ascending over the unincorporated settlement of Hernandez, New Mexico.
Under contract with the Department of the Interior, Adams spent six months documenting the south west and came across this scene in the late afternoon of 1 November, 1941 and stopped on the shoulder of a highway, driving through the Chama valley toward the city of Espaรฑola, to take the picture. Multiple prints were made from the original negative and became one of the most popular and collectible images for the next three decades, with one print personally developed by Adams selling for the unprecedented price at auction that’s strangely coincident (adjusted for inflation) with the first acheiropoieton executed by an artificial intelligence.