Friday, 5 October 2018

sans forgetica

Via Slashdot, we are introduced to a typeface developed and distributed at no cost (also compatible as a web font for some browsers) by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Behavioural Business Laboratory to help boost retention by presenting text in a finely-tuned balance between legibility and obstruction—capitalising on a principle called “desirable difficulty”—in order to make passages more memorable.
Designed in consultation with a team psychologists and typographers, the founders hope it is precisely disruptive enough to make readers pause and take note but not so irascible as to repair to easier viewing, something especially useful for students cramming for exams or representatives saddled with tomes of last minute legislation to review before voting on it essentially sight unseen. The sans of course like Sas Serif signifies “without” like those flared ending and corners on letter strokes. See a font sampler and download Sans Forgetica at the links above.