Sunday, 7 October 2018


Like with mansplaining there are academic and abstract scenarios where the term can become a lazy refutation and a force equally as vexing to stop discussion rather than forward it (although most guilty of it are not interested in entertaining a discussion in the first place), being introduced to the concept of himpathy when its being squeezed for every drop via Oxford Weekly Word Watch did seem a bit empowering—at least being able to name a malady that society is woefully unwilling to overcome or seemingly sometimes even to recognise. It’s nothing new to heap undeserved credit on the heteronormative man who can summon crocodile tears at command, should said tears grant him the accustomed accommodation of congeniality. Who should spare a though for the anguish of those who might truly have something to cry about? Since when did sad, rabid and doughy lives become the epitome of democracy?  Or remained consummate and accomplished through adversity for that matter? Coddling exoneration and milking it for all it’s worth to rally loyalty and affiliation over merit and outside thought ultimately is a disservice for all, for even to be accused of something that one did not do or to be held in contempt of one’s past indiscretions, one can at least learn empathy for others who might be victims of mistrial and miscarriage instead of just inclined to perpetuate the status quo.