Wednesday, 15 August 2018

blogoversary: we are ten

Wow—I’m happy to have reached that milestone, especially in an age where the allures and pressures of social media have kind of short-circuited other forms of curation and journaling and hope to be able to sustain it for years to come. After a decade, we are still finding our voice and bearing and treasure those new and old who’ve done the heavy-lifting and come along for the ride and indulge our rants and banter and tolerate our mistakes and missteps.

Hopefully we’ve shared something meaningful and resonate.  Upwards of fifty-five hundred posts—there are a few goods ones are to be found but going by measures of popularity, here are the top ten entries since last year when we paused to mark PfRC’s birthday:

10. Some speculation on the identity of the inventor of Bitcoin
9. Assorted links including rescued laboratory animals and giving a voice to animal emojis
8. A short biography of the well-travelled Aloha Wanderwell
7. Weird plots for Star Trek: The Next Generation
6. More links including Twin Peaks mapped Super Mario style
5. The effects of an exclusively fast-food diet
4. The ballot in Nazi Germany
3. The paradox of time-travel
2. Geographic extremes
1. A panel discussion of vampiric vegetables

Now on to our second decade.