Monday, 7 May 2018

ticking the box

Artist Dima Yarovinski has created a rather visually arresting illustration of the contractual boilerplate that we pretend to give our assent to in her installation called “I agree” in the form of colourful unfurled scrolls.
Currently on display at the Aalto University of Helsinki, the footnote to each scroll gives the word count and the average time commitment it would take to read, comprehending the jargon or not, what terms that the user was accepting in exchange for their dalliance. Incidentally, the longest scroll is for Instagram and runs just over seventeen thousand words, which would take approximately an hour and a half to read through. Fine-print has consequences despite the innocuous reputation it likes to cultivate for itself.  I appreciated too how in the spirit of full disclosure, the source site in the discussion posts its parent publisher’s terms of service in full and with bullet points