Friday, 4 May 2018


breaking bad: purchasers of second-hand campervans in New Zealand are warned that they may have bought mobile methamphetamine laboratories

late to the party: Bob Canada notes that the Marvel Cinematic Universe just celebrated its tenth anniversary, with the first instalment (nineteen to date) Iron Man premiering in May 2008

glaswegian: Peter Sellers demonstrates some of his vocal skills

don’t let it rest on the president’s desk: Twitter urges users to change their password—as they’ve seen them

it happened on the way to mulberry street: the rise and fall of the silk industry (elsewhere) in Connecticut, via Kottke

galactus: concerned about relaying Earth’s location to future hostile aliens, comic legend Jack Kirby proposed that the images of super heroes grace space probes, via Boing Boing

matchmaker, matchmaker: social media giant enters into the realm of online dating

better call saul: some of the shady practises of the White House legal team, via Miss Cellania’s links