Saturday, 10 February 2018

process of bioremediation

Via the ever estimable Kottke, we learn about the enduring landscaping of ecological Finnish artist Agnes Denes, whose Tree Mountain was dedicated in 1996 atop the gravel pits of Pinziรถ near Ylรถjรคrvi, Finland.
This monumental earthworks is meant to last for four hundred years at minimum or until its artificial nature is forgot and whose eleven thousand trees are carefully planted along an upwards spiral that follows the Golden Ratio will repair the scars left by human mining and restore the habitat for native species. The article on Kottke at the link up top also explains a rather pleasantly incongruous sight that I can remember seeing in the distance when coming into New York City’s Port Authority by bus from points south, a wheat field in Manhattan that Denes also sewed in 1982 and remains undisturbed.