Tuesday, 13 February 2018

les aveux de la chair

Prompted by the culture shift that is soundly rejecting the objectification and diminishment of women in order to boost chauvinistic urges and insecurities, the literary executors of the estate of Michel Foucault will publish the unfinished fourth volume (translated “Confessions of the Flesh”) of The History of Sexuality which addresses the topical subjects of power and consent over four decades after the release of the first instalment. Suffering from complications of AIDS, Foucault worked on the subsequent volumes in the early 1980s at an accelerated pace and was able to comprehensively address the totem and taboo of human sexuality through the lens of relativism and repression, questioning why contemporary culture asserts a level of sophistication and maturity over the past that modernity can’t honestly claim until or unless it comes to terms with the constructs we’ve created to manage people and population.