Saturday, 13 January 2018

orange julius

It’s true what they say about history repeating—the first time as tragedy and then as farce what with the US and the rest of the world being terrorised now by another soi-disant intellectual-heir and all around hate-mongerer it might be profitable to inspect another Federal Bureau of Investigations casefile that documents the rise and fall of Fritz Julius Kuhn, the would-be American Fuhrer, steadfast despite a tepid reception by the actual Fรผhrer of Nazi Germany who wanted nothing to do with him. Founder of the explicitly fascist political organisation called the German-American Bund, Fritz went on to in 1939 make arrangements for and headline that terrifying and infamous rally at Madison Square Garden.
Hoping to avoid further demonstrations, New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia enlisted the help of the bureau to look into the already suspect finances of the Bund and found that Kuhn had not only embezzled and absconded with a rather paltry portion of the organisation’s funds to retain the affections of his mistress, Kuhn also used it as a vehicle for tax avoidance and tax evasion. Kuhn was sent to Ossining Correctional Facility (Sing Sing prison) for a two-year stint, which was extended after a genius but unrealised plan of his to extort money from a wealthy toiletries heiress (who happened to be Jewish with family in Germany) was discovered. In 1943 while still behind bars, Kuhn was stripped of his American citizenship and repatriated to West Germany in 1945, dying obscure and forgotten in 1951 in Munich.