Wednesday, 6 December 2017

erbe fondamentali

Fascinatingly, as the Washington Post reports, the Italian government has charged its military with the production and distribution not only of medical marijuana but also with the responsibility for supplying so called “orphaned drugs” that treat rare diseases which don’t court much attention from pharmaceutical companies due to the extremely limited market.
With oversight from growth to harvesting (and sterilising it with gamma rays, which I didn’t realise was a done thing) to the logistics of getting it to pharmacies around the country, the task fell to the military once it was realised that private firms were unwilling to try to navigate the complex system of prerequisites in order to receive the necessary licenses and permits. Access to healthcare and therapeutic drugs was nonetheless a governmental mandate and sought an alternate route to cover its population. What do you think about that? Poised to expand capacity, there are some detractors that decry the efficiency and potency of the army’s product (here and here are a few counter-examples of unhealthy relationships with cannabis) but they are able to undercut imported cannabis at least than a tenth of the cost and seem very dedicated and sincere in their mission.