Friday, 6 October 2017

the quicker picker-upper

While I try to ignore the boorish antics of Dear Dotard for as long as I can manage, the time in between one transgression that can’t be ignored until the next insult is galloping in frequency.
Given the fact that a majority of Puerto Ricans are still without essential services not to mention reliable internet connectivity, maybe the reaction to Trump’s reluctant visit to the island territory was somewhat muted (it’s just like making fun of the Amish, you Sh*t Gibbon), the game show, carnival-barker atmosphere was far more surreal than I could imagine. After calling-out the island’s indebtedness again, praising their optimal weather excepting the recent hurricane and saying that the number of casualties were acceptable given the scope of the storm, the humanitarian took it upon himself to distribute aide by lobbing paper-towels at the assembled crowd. No one should be allowed to forget that this is the nightmare we choose (no matter how we were influenced should we be tolerant or complacent) and that actions have consequences.