Monday, 25 September 2017


While it is no doubt terrifying that for the first time since 1957 (before the liquidation of the Deutsche Reichsparte and Vaterlรคndische Union) there are openly fascist elements in the Bundestag (plus representation in the parliaments of thirteen out of sixteen Bundeslรคnder) and that a small percentage of the voting population has given a mandate to such a world-view, it is definitely preferable to suffer a thirteen-proof dotard than take the full, unadulterated wrath of bigoted despotism.
Perhaps it is better to give Nazis the stage to fail spectacularly than expend the efforts—better spent elsewhere—to convince the world that this is not a lesson, couched in the same terms, that we need to revisit. And while the share is not a controlling one and other minority, anti-establishment parties will I am sure will I am sure be willing to cast support to the CDU and SPD (though unexcited about the prospects of continued teamwork) in order to retain a viable government without having to resort to engaging a chauvinistic political bloc, these are untested times and no matter how one interprets the outcome, the AfD still finished in third place. I don’t know if governance by consensus and dialogue can continue with such a foil that represents something far more obstructive rather than constructive, and in this fragmented environment I expect more legislation to succumb to gridlock and internecine fights and flounder. What do you think? We’re grateful that Merkel retains the chancellorship but are repulsed by the way xenophobia and totalitarianism is regaining purchase.