Saturday, 8 July 2017

willkommen in der hรถlle

Corporations and kleptocrats are deserving of the coming mobs with pitchforks and protests are quickly slipping into violence and vandalism because people are feeling more and more powerless—especially when made to suffer and sidle such buffoonery and abject doltishness emanating from the US. No one has time for that. Outrage (DE/EN) should still be channelled and harnessed gingerly—however, and there’s no excuse for attacking for attacking the police and the emergency services who have incredibly tough jobs to do nor for senseless, opportune destruction and looting.
Such chaos and devastation are not political instruments and a resistance failed. The city of Hamburg deserves better and is better than the prevailing portrayals of the moment—while there’s many stand-out and shameful scenes, there were more peaceable demonstrations, concerts and marches with a message and mandate happening concurrently. That said, the responsibility lies fully with the politicians and their image makers not only by insisting upon prestigious venues but perhaps also by the fact that such rallies could not (with or without undirected rage) take place in the streets of Washington, DC, Riyadh, Ankara or Moscow.