Thursday, 1 June 2017

to toot one’s own horn

It wasn’t so long ago that we had German politicians stumbling over one another to fall on their swords and getting very confessional over accusations that they had fibbed on their credentials decades ago or plagiarised the graduate theses that launched their careers.
While these indiscretions ought not be dismissed without consequence as it does speak to character and integrity—and I suppose the world would be different if certain statesmen were called out on their originality earlier and were shamed into a different career-path, it does strike one as quite illustrative of Dear Leader’s personality and business acumen that he—without doing the requisite homework that comes with adopting a family crest or inquiring with the registrars that handle such things, perhaps he ought to have gone with canting arms (I can think of some imagery)—copied the shield from a duly-vetted and awarded noble house and replaced the motto Intergritas with his surname. The coat-of-arms adorns a lot of the signage on Dear Leader’s US properties but not on his golf links in Scotland, since inside of UK jurisdiction, he can be sued for infringement and misappropriation of a family’s good name.