Thursday, 29 June 2017


As Quartz magazine reports, no matter where one is on the political spectrum, Americans are still united in quackery. An analysis of ingredients show that most of the “wellness” products hawked as advertising marginalia on the websites of both left- and right-leaning propagandists are the same—just packaged and touted differently.
This natural and mostly unproven, untested pharmacopล“ia is derived from Ayurvedic herbs, exotic minerals and obscure mushrooms and make pretty dubious, miraculous claims. Any of us want would want a shortcut to achieve our better self—and perhaps the popularity of alternative treatments is grounded in the precarious state of healthcare in America (though by no means do they monopolise the market on gullibility) and has ylang-ylang punching above its weight—but the shortcomings or successes of arriving at a goal without taking the necessary intervening steps can From colloidal silver to nascent iodine, explore in depth how the differing “nourishing tonifiers” and tonics are able to cross the aisle and bridge the political divide.