Thursday, 8 June 2017

main street, usa

The crusaders over at Muckrock remind us of the close friendship that Walt Disney and founding FBI director J Edgar Hoover (with mutual fringe-benefits including earlier indoctrination surveillance state, routing out talent with Communist-sympathies, plus free park passes for visiting agents and their families) and also how a still unnamed Washington, DC socialite in the 1950s had tried to leverage their relationship in an attempt to get the animation studio to produce Christian-based cartoons, convinced that such programming would combat juvenile delinquency.
At that stage in the career of the studio, Disney was venturing into television, nature documentaries and wholly live-action films. Rather than intervening on behalf of this mystery woman, the FBI director’s surrogate who met with her suggested that she present her pitch to Disney directly. I wonder who this was and why her name is still redacted.  Read the entire dossier over at Muckrock, which seems to include an entire, unsolicited spec script. Though there are no overtly biblical stories from Disney, there are arguably allegorical references peppered throughout but in truth that’s a bit specious (Easter eggs and alleged subliminal messaging seem far more likely) as fairy tales like religions tend to embrace universal themes.