Monday, 1 May 2017

oh right, crush the saboteurs

Meanwhile back at Castle Mayskull, we are witnessing almost the same level of needy paranoia as is being displayed by Dear Leader still talking about the popular vote and the size of the crowds gathered for his inauguration with the caretaker prime minister insisting on subjecting the voters of Britain to another pointless and painful run-off election in order to solidify her tautology that “Brexit means Brexit” and she has the peoples’ mandate. Calling an election is only calculated to rebuff future criticism, which should and cannot be simply silenced by decree.
Add into the mix the seemingly parallel dimensions where the expectations of the prime minister and senior EU commissioner, Jean-Claude Junckers, reside for the divorce-proceedings and for post-Brexit relations, we have a very intractable situation indeed. Last Wednesday (25 April 2017), Junckers was invited to dinner (EN/DE) at the Downing Street residence, which gave the prime minister the platform (sounds woefully familiar, like one of Dear Leader’s hollow publicity stunts) to forward her litany of demands and conditions, which were already rebuffed by the European Union in no uncertain terms. Beginning cocktail hour conversation with assurances that she would be re-elected, the prime minister seemed to slide further and further into the realm of fantasy with patently simplistic views of how re-negotiations would go forward and honestly believing that the whole matter could be sorted out quickly and cleanly and to Britain’s favour. When Junckers countered that in fact no, “Brexit cannot be a success” the prime minister seemed to think that the EU had not been sufficiently briefed on her vision and tactics. It seems that this class of politicians were earnest in their campaign pledges in so far that they are dense enough to have been duped by the lies themselves.