Wednesday, 31 May 2017

flash in the pan

Apparently legions of a virtual robot army are massing to fight under the banner of Dear Leader with the ranks of these fraudulent accounts growing by half a million per week.
Despite the suspected anæmic constitution of such a following, it remains unclear what these ditto marks hope to influence and where the recruitment campaign is focused—if indeed in one place. With just over one half of Dear Leader’s current supporters on his social media platform of choice thought to be real and authentic (a ratio that has climbed significantly since the US presidential election and spikes whenever impeachment is discussed), one has to wonder who is behind the messaging and to what ends. It’s not just ditto marks all the way down, and perhaps it is another ploy to distract public attention from the investigation into Russian meddling in the US election—maybe lifting a play from their own script. While such tactics may have influenced the outcome in an election in unexpected ways, measures of engagement are not the same as ballot-stuffing when it comes to arguments against an ouster.