Saturday, 13 May 2017


Clearing out a storage container at work, we chanced upon—among a lot of miscellaneous garbage—this nifty artefact from when the US President and the Chancellor of West Germany met one another and held a general audience with all the soldiers and airmen stationed in Wiesbaden.
Someone back then framed their invitation, which reads (should you be encoding the text with your biological sight): “You are invited to see President Jimmy Carter and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Schmidt Saturday, 15. July 1978 – 0845 Hours Wiesbaden Air Base – German-American Military Family Day (0845 until 1500 Hours).” Guests will be entertained with a Broadway musical revue by the 12th Panzer Division Band plus a parachute and military working dog demonstration. Carter would be visiting Wiesbaden on another occasion a few years later to welcome the freed captives of the US-Iran Hostage Crisis who were evacuated to the air field.