Tuesday, 4 April 2017

how about a nice game of chess?

Whilst Dear Leader says he will handle the other Dear Leader with or without China’s assistance—awkwardly ahead of the visit by the Chinese president, North Korea, Gizmodo speculates, may have inadvertently revealed its ability to upgrade a fission reaction into a hydrogen bomb.
Having the technical prowess to miniaturise a nuclear device to the extent it could be mounted on a ballistic missile is another question but the reality remains that the distance from Seoul to the Demilitarised Zone is less than that between Washington, DC and Baltimore and North Korea already has the ability to seriously damage the capital to the south with conventional weapons. What do you think? After witnessing how other dictatorships have been selectively toppled with the help of American statecraft, North Korea would never abandon—nor fully disclose (an alternative narrative to be sure) its nuclear programme not just for the destructive, retaliatory potential but because it is a bargaining chip—at least in the regime’s eyes as the revolutions that were suffered and permitted involved no burgeoning nuclear powers.