Monday, 6 March 2017

a modest proposal

The administration of Dear Leader, as Boing Boing informs, is apparently willing to separate children from their parents if apprehended trying to enter the US illegally as another arrow in his quiver to deter immigration.
According to leaked proceedings taken under advisement, children would be warehoused—either with relatives already residing in the country or with foster parents or failing that—as Dickensian street urchins, whilst their parents are locked up in detention centres, private prisons either contesting the grounds that they will be deported or await an asylum hearing. This could potentially mean separation from mothers and fathers for months or more likely years held in suspense. Child welfare services believe such trauma would have debilitating life-long effects, especially for very young children, even if those families willing to take in migrant children are the best parents in the world. Even the staunchest opponents to a liberal immigration policy must surely concede that conditions must be unimaginably wretched for families to risk everything to get into Dear Leader’s America and fifty thousand mothers and children have tried from election day up through the inauguration.