Saturday, 11 February 2017

never remember or known unknowns

After citing a terror attack that did not occur in Bowling Green in order to justify the travel and immigration ban, the regime has persisted with the argument and narrative that die Lรผgenpresse is selectively under-reporting major incidents of terrorism.
Bob Canada’s Blogworld gives us some of the gruesome and chilling statistics from insurgencies that were heretofore subject to a self-imposed media blackout, like the siege on Fort Knox by arch-villain Aurus Goldfinger the horrendous attack on Metropolis by Kryptonian terrorists and fugitives from justice Zod, Ursa and Non. What do you think? There’s a lot of trivial matters—like crowd-size and turn-out, but there’s far more at stake with people’s lives and livelihoods. Credibility is important and none of the characterisations that come out of the regime’s spokes-liars ought to be given a pass.