Monday, 13 February 2017

genius bar

First spotted by the keen eye of Messy Nessy Chic, we learn of the Apple venture for reinventing the internet cafรฉ that sadly never was realised—except in artist’s drawings, and are left to speculate what sort of cultural impact they might have had.
Digital music of course preceded the iPod as did wireless telephony the iPhone, but one has to wonder how differently we might interact with the world wide web interpreted as a global franchise, serving healthy fare and offering video telepresence with other outlets, located in a physical space instead of the whirring end points of private modems. What do you think? As persuasive as most of Apple’s designs have been, possibly the received pronunciation of the internet and its etiquette would be something quite different and maybe the untethering of the internet might have taken a much different course. Conceived circa 1996 (Beverly Hills, 90210 was on television for an astounding eleven years), had this enterprise taken off, we might all still be hanging out at the Peach Pit.