Friday, 2 December 2016


I understand that a rather innovative hybrid cigarette from a major manufacturer has come to British markets, and while I’m not endorsing any part of a nasty addictive habit, I did however find the system—which is not like an e-cigarette or vaping which I originally found pretty unsatisfying but rather almost like a pipe insofar as the tobacco is toasted and the experience is “smokeless”—interestingly self-destructive, almost as much as being hooked itself by in the opposite direction.
I can appreciate the industry’s motivation to turn towards what might be honestly touted as less unhealthy and I was really surprised that once I tried it out in May (it came to Germany in late Spring and was previously only available in Switzerland and Japan) I never once had the urge to switch back to regular cigarettes. I continued through the end of October, finding myself smoking less—just keeping up the ritual and the pretence and was ultimately, gladly able to leave it altogether, reconciling to myself that the glamour of it all was still costing me the same amount per tiny pack—like those cigarettes that were mostly filter from The Fifth Element. The holder itself could be mistaken for a home pregnancy-test kit. Like I said, I wouldn’t recommend such a product but am grateful for it weening me off the habit, which was something I would have never imagined.