Tuesday, 6 December 2016

agent immobilier

Property scout nonpareil Messy Nessy Chic adds another jewel to her portfolio with the Art Nouveau palace, the Château d’Aubiry in the county of Roussillon near Perpignan—already on the market for some time but currying more exposure and interest hopefully after appearing on Le Bon Coin, a sort of French Craigslist.
Built for an heir to a cigarette paper producer, Pierre Bardou-Job (yes, that Job), the lavish structure was completed in 1904, with a private cinema, themed bedrooms and photography studio and a greenhouse designed by Gustave Eifel and was even the set of the 1960 controversial cult film L’eau à la bouche. Even though the price has come down considerably after previous transactions fell through, it’s still a little steep for H and I, but I’ve always dreamed of being able to devote the time and energy to reviving a neglected, unloved historic home and could imagine keeping a little museum and café for the visiting public. There are quite a few castles around here, and it’s always advisable to keep out an aspiring eye open.