Tuesday, 8 November 2016

revue, redux

Via the always marvelous Everlasting Blรถrt, we are given to a bit of nostalgia with a retrospective look at this quite interminable campaign season through the lens of some of the best political cartoons and memes that documented the entire bizarre and self-mocking careening career of the 2016 election.
Of course we are not nostalgic over wanting to relive or particularly revisit any part of it—rather I think it’s coming to terms with the fact that this ideological war does not end once the votes are counted, even if there are no disputed precincts and there’s no ties. Neither party could claim a victory, much less a mandate, and I fear the division will only continue and no reconciliation is forthcoming. What do you think? What sort of coda is going to be pinned on what already seems like the longest, most contested election in history?