Sunday, 16 October 2016

where are the clowns? there ought to be clowns

As if there weren’t already enough pratfalls in politics to contend with or itches to scratch potentially violently in America with a fully-armed populace confronted with hunters of virtual monsters running across their lawns, a viral phenomenon of scary clowns lurking in the shadows, apropos of nothing, with the express intention of frightening others out of their wits has arisen—and been exported to where ever people might express their gratitude for living in a society of privilege and free from want in such ways. What do you think? Far from agents of social justice nor a group that had not already been established as creepy and menacing, professional clowns are now apparently saying their trade is being besmirched, with prominent spokes-clowns ducking out of the public-eye until this craze passes.