Monday, 1 August 2016

turf-war or push th’ little daisies

The always brilliant Geoff Manaugh at BLDGBlog thoughtfully and considered directs our attention to yet another insult to ecology and our rampant encroachment not only on the pristine but now for what has already learnt to live with us:
the craze for zero- maintenance “permanent botanicals” are canvasing over gardens, yards and campuses, replacing what little plots there are left with artificial grass. Oh England’s green and pleasant land, where will the rain water go, and without worms to churn the soil, I imagine things might get pretty musty rather quickly, and without worms, there’d be no birds? And so on, and so on… I hope that this is a passing craze and new tenants rip all that out, like so much shag carpeting.