Friday, 5 August 2016

come josephine in my flying machine

Thanks to Super Punch, we discover that not only is one prominent รฆrospace company and defence-contractor is revisiting the notion of dirigibles, hybrid airships for one’s logistics and supply chain needs but has also developed an autonomous robot spider to patrol the skin, the hull of the blimp for leaks and repair them. Be sure to check out the links for a demonstration and more information. What do you think about this? I wonder what the all these sky-lanes will seem to us in the near future—it’s not like the horizon was wasted on sunsets and rosy-fingered Dawn, but the middle-distance will take on a very different look soon, I suspect, unless we’re made to wear some sort of non-intrusive blinders that air-brush all those Hoplites that ought to remain discrete and not spoil the view.