Wednesday, 6 July 2016

game on or it’s dangerous to go alone – take this

Just as the soundtracks to video games are scored to be memorable and catchy and to motivate on to persevere and hone one’s attention for a specific goal, our arcade friends and familiars (and play in general) is far from a frivolous activity and could in the broad sense teach us resilience and give us a quiver of tools for success.
Recently, I found out about the existence of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of an unusual sort, a forum called SuperBetter for a technique that a games researcher developed when she resolved to use her academic passion to work through a rough patch her own life. Resolving either to give up or turn her challenge into a sort of Sanity Quest, peopled with level-bosses and power-ups that were allegories of her own daily challenges, and other players, companions that she could surreptitiously recruit for her personal mission. Transforming one’s goals into a game allows one to be more pragmatic while still attached and recognise the potential outcomes of incremental moves and be less discouraged by set-backs. Modifying the programme—just a brilliant way of thinking really and not tethered to any specific venue other than to share success stories and hearten other players, to fit one’s own aims has seen some pretty amazing and enduring changes in behaviour and attitude.