Friday, 10 June 2016

rewritten by machine on new technology

Managing editor of Neatorama, Miss Cellania, gives us a preview of a sci-fi featurette whose screenplay was the product of an artificial intelligence algorithm.
The neural network was developed at NYU and in a rare moment of cross-discipline camaraderie given over to a group of alumnus from the film school in order to make its directorial debut with Sunspring, impenetrable and campy by turns but strangely compelling and authentically funny. The authorship—mediated by the cast of actors—belongs wholly to Long-Short Term Memory, or rather as Benjamin as it refers to itself, is of course not the first experiment or piece of fiction crafted by an artificial intellect and while it might be derivative of everything fed to it, there does seem to be a sense of originality to be found also, enough even to make the collaboration’s co-producers feel a pang of guilt when they could not take sufficient time (and resources) to make the movie exactly as delivered. One can watch the film in its entirety at Ars Technica and learn more about Sunspring’s production and reception.