Tuesday, 3 May 2016

ttip or ta-ta for now

It ought to come as no surprise that the successive rounds of shady, secreted negotiations over the American-EU trade accords was rife with compromise that would spurn the light of day and favoured business over health, welfare (human and animal) and the environment, but thanks to Greenpeace Netherland’s leaking a trove of documents, the public gets a glimpse of just how much their government holds them in disdain.
Europe is not conceding wholesale to American demands for open market access and the creation of corporate tribunals that will sit in judgement, presiding over the regulatory bodies of accenting nations to ensure that their policies aren’t at cross-purposes with profits, but the fact that talks have dragged on this long over differences and outlooks that are flatly irreconcilable, one wonders how persuasive and inuring the endless negotiations can become and how parties might not be so resilient to this constant onslaught. What’s a bigger disappointment that the contents of the dirty deals is the revelation—by its absence in the transcripts—of the dissenting voices that went on public-record, echoing wider concerns, but those objections are not mentioned in the minutes, begging the question whom is on our sides.