Monday, 7 March 2016

warp pipes

When I got stuck in Saint Louis during a blizzard years and years ago, I remember inquiring at one of the ticket counters where I might arrange a taxi ride into town to do some exploring until the inclement weather let up.
They discouraged me taking a taxi and told me to just take the “Rapid” or “Raptor” (not hearing properly) and pointed me to the terminal. I figured out this was a light rail metro quickly, but was not sure what to expect, perhaps that flying pterodactyl airliner that the Flintstones had. These delightful mass transit maps of American and Canadian cities by Dave Delisle re-imagined as the levels of Super Mario Brothers 2 reminded me of that introduction to Saint Louis (although being just a straight line from the airport and the suburbs into downtown, probably would not be conducive to the same treatment but who knows, perhaps Yoshi could shuttle visitors and commuters down that path).  Check out more maps at the link above, via Neatorama.