Monday, 21 March 2016

grotesque or come out of the garden, baby, you'll catch your death in the fall

Growing up, I remember how my parents hung frightening Hieronymus Bosch miniatures in the living room. Far from finding it tortuous, abusive or nightmare-inducing, however, I always found myself fascinated with the detail of the little creatures and enjoyed making up stories about them.
I was excited to learn about this immersive exhibition, sponsored by Google’s Cultural Institute, not on Bosch himself but rather on one of the visionary artist’s important influences, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. This panorama, buffeted by the latest that virtual-reality technology can deliver, pulls one into the canvas of the 1562 Flemish masterpiece “The Fall of the Rebel Angels,” and makes the observer witness to archangel Michael’s expulsion of Lucifer, and that transfixing, psychedelic fall from grace from a privileged point of view. If you happen to visit the Belgian Royal Museums of Fine Arts, please let us know what it was like. Further, I was unaware of the internet giant’s artistic initiatives and would like to learn more about their projects as well.