Friday, 5 February 2016


There’s a wealth of interesting things happening over at the surpassingly brilliant BLDGBlog this week, making it hard to choose the most captivating item.
Having received the standing-desk for the office that I had requested months ago just recently, however, I decided among a water-front elevated train project in New York City, Christmas trees to rehabilitate eroding beaches and haunting Martian geology to go with a Japanese-designed sort of truss or exoskeleton for surgeons to relieve fatigue and stress during long operations that produce the effects of sitting on a bar-stool (which are the most cleverly comfortable seating arrangements to induce patrons to stay awhile, whereas low-slung dining chairs are meant to make people less likely to dally once the business is done and promote turn-over) without a reduction in range of motion or reaction time. This innovation leads naturally to further speculation what bionic, wearable furniture might be developed in the future. As a mature adult, of course the author does not ask about people with mattresses for backs or anything crude, but it is certainly worth pondering what repercussions en suite might have for architecture when one can carry one’s cradle. Be sure to check out Geoff Manaugh’s excellent web-presence for more intriguing articles.