Wednesday, 6 January 2016

quill and feather

A design student is exploring the limits of textiles and wearable technology in with prototype apparel that can be calibrated to respond like the skin’s involuntary, galvanic reflexes (blushing and goosebumps) or even respond to the temperament of the beholder.
While I agree that in vulnerable situations sometimes we could benefit from thicker, second-skin and armour, taking cues from the animal kingdom, it would strike me as really bizarre if a woman’s hemline suddenly dropped to conform with the disapproving glance of an on-looker—or even more extreme, having one’s little black-dress shape-shift into a cocooning burqa or simply what another wants to see. I hope that this technology evolves in useful ways and does not make us all into fashion-victims, instead of well look what she was wearing—that’s begging for it rather subject to the sensibilities of others. What do you think?