Tuesday, 3 November 2015

squadron 40 – diiiive!

Today is International Men’s Health Day, designated by the United Nations, as well as Culture Day in Japan and Election Day in the US. Moreover, Mental Floss has collection of a cavalcade commemorations that occur throughout the month. There’s Aura Awareness, since this time of year the Aurora Borealis sometimes dips low enough in the Northern Hemisphere for us to see in Germany (notwithstanding the foggy mornings), World Vegan Day, Guy Fawkes’ Night and Fibonacci Day. One celebration that was overlooked, however, is Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen Day. “What—Gordon’s alive?!” Remembering that old bird really binds together the string of holidays and all the themes (Movember, thanksgiving and gratitude, creative writing, revolution) of the month quite nicely.  Now, Flash Jump, everyone!